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Whether you are suffering from a mental health disorder, require help, are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation, or you are ready to take a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. We are a  professional team of board-certified psychiatrists and licensed clinical social workers who are equipped to handle a comprehensive range of outpatient mental health diagnosis and treatment. You can be assured, we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.



Counseling Services

Our licensed clinical social workers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing psychotherapy. Each client is assisted in identifying their specific goals for treatment.  We work with a wide range of behavioral and emotional issues.  We are trained and experienced in specific treatment modalities which include (but are not limited to)  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, Interpersonal Therapy and Gestalt.  We provide individual, child and adolescent, couples and family counseling.  Treatment specializations include therapy for:​​

​Post Traumatic Stress               Depression and Anxiety

Bipolar Disorder                        Panic Disorder

Anger Management                  Grief and Bereavement

Eating Disorders                        Social Anxiety

Batterer's Invervention            Stress Managment

GLBTQ Issues                             Marriage Counseling

Occupational Stress                  ADHD

Domestic Violence                    Military Issues

Child///Adolescents                  Medication Management        




Batterer's Intervention Program

The Batterer's Intervention Program is a court ordered 26 week psycho-education program. The program focuses on interupting, avoiding and ending violence and abuse and on the batterer's capacity to change. The program works in cooperation with the victim services and domestic violence programs as well as with other key agencies such as courts, prosecutors, law enforcement, and probation officers. The program also makes appropriate referrals as needed including to mental health professionals or inpatient substance abuse services.

​Psychiatric Services


The employee assistance program is a free and confidential counseling program available to employees and their families who may be struggling with interpersonal problems and find themselves in need of some help.  This is a program that may be offered by your employer.  The EAP will offer assessment, provide information, offer short term counseling, provide referrals and follow-up.  The cost of the EAP is paid by your employer. Accessing the EAP may occur by a self referral, a recommendation of a colleague, or a mandatory referral by your supervisor.  Regardless as to how you are referred, contact with the EAP is strictly confidential. No one has access to your information without your written consent.


         Anger Management

 Dr Chrisian Conte's Yield Theory

For the treatment of Anger Issues

Developed in 1998 Dr. Conte's Yield Theory consists of seven components:



Conscious Education


Elimination of Shame



Using these components the therapist is able to offer consistent and effective treatment to those who have been victims of violence or offenders of domestic violence as well as those suffering from uncontrollable or irrational anger.  Often these issues result in legal involvement and family turmoil. Here at PA Professional Health Services we aim to help each client rebuild and repair over the course of several therapeutic and psycho-educational sessions. 







Adoption Home Studies


For those who are in the process of adopting a child, the state of Pennsylvania requires every family to have an adoption home study.  Assistance is given to help to obtain the required criminal background checks with the FBI and the Pennsylvania State Police and Child Abuse Clearances.  Once completed, the final report will be submitted to your attorney handling your adoption.  The fee for the study also includes court testimony on the outcome of  the home study by the social worker.  This is a service not covered by insurance. You will need to contact the office for fees. 


Employee Assistance Programs



Our psychiatrists are board certified and will provide a professional psychiatric evaluation to determine if medication is necessary as part of your treatment.  Follow up appointments will permit ongoing medication management.  Our psychiatrists are qualified to provide a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment for children, adolescents and adults.​

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing


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Each of the licensed clinical social workers are trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.  We will come on site to provide necessary intervention in the event there is a crisis or disaster associated with the workplace.  The CISD team or social worker will help the individuals deal with the trauma in a manner that is safe and supportive.

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